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Air Duct Cleaning Indianapolis, IN 46204

If air duct cleaning worrying you, air duct cleaning Indianapolis is your answer. Do you keep the air ducts in your home cleaned at regular interval and is duct cleaning a burden for you? There could be a possible mold growth on the interior walls of your cooling or heating system if they are not cleaned adequately. Ducts can be infested with vermins like rodents or insects if not cleaned for a long time.

The most dangerous is when the ducts get clogged with excessive contaminants that will be released into your indoor air from the supply registers. This causes serious health problems like asthma and allergies sabotaging the quality of your indoor air. As it is always better to prevent than cure, make sure your air ducts are cleaned at least every six months.

Indianapolis Vent & Air Ducts Cleaning Service

At Carpet Cleaning Indianapolis we incorporate the improved air duct cleaning equipment that is made up of high quality materials and it is suitable for both residential and commercial use.

Our efficient air duct cleaning system can be operated by one person and it is the most effective one available in the market. We don't incorporate any chemical to clean the air duct as we value our customer's health.

A vacuum hose with an attached brush effectively cleans your air duct giving you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The vacuum absorbs all the dust particles that are loosened by the brush leaving the air duct dust free.

Benefits of our air duct cleaning system:

  1. Highly durable. The stainless steel cover and anti corrosive chassis give it long life.
  2. It is highly versatile as the brushes and shafts can be interchange according to the use.
  3. It is comparatively cheap than any other air ducting cleaner in the market.
  4. It comes with a one year replacement warranty for the parts.

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