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Carpet Cleaning

At Carpet Cleaning Indianapolis we make sure all of our staff is proficient at all the latest carpet cleaning methods in this next article we will grant you a special peek at our working routines and describe some of our carpet cleaning methods

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning is probably the fastest way to cleaning a carpet: it's quick, efficient and leaves no residue so you don't have to wait until the carpet is dry to walk on.

We begin by spraying a special chemical on the carpet which is a very unique compound that attracts the dirt to it. We also use a machine to better implant the compound down to the very base of the carpet.

After our technician is done covering all the carpet and its base we wait for about 15-20 minutes to let the compound really absorb all the soil. Now we vacuum the carpet with a high powered vacuum that extracts all the compound and dirt this process leaves your carpet clean and smelling fresh we then finish the job by grooming the carpet and if needed we vacuum again. Now your carpet is ready and clean no need for drying time and no residue is left to harm your fibers.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

The process of Carpet Steam Cleaning also known as deep carpet cleaning is usually suitable in cases where a harsh more thorough cleaning method is needed. Steam cleaning involves a truck mounted steam cleaner which has its own heating and air supply and can put out high values of air pressure that is needed in extracting the excess moisture.

Let us take a brief review of our carpet steam cleaning process:

  1. Vacuuming the carpet is the first step Indianapolis carpet cleaning will pre-vacuum your carpet before the cleaning process to remove any dry soil.
  2. Your carpet will be sprayed with a biodegradable compound. This compound attracts the soil and dirt from the base of the carpet.
  3. Next we follow up with rotary agitation this is what separate carpet cleaning Indianapolis from other carpet cleaning services we bonnet clean all your carpets and make sure to tackle high traffic areas.
  4. Now we inspect the carpet manually for any hard to remove spots we treat each spot with the right stain remover to make sure it is ready for the deep cleaning process.
  5. Carpet steam cleaning can begin our technician will add fiber rinse and deodorizer to the water solution and start to deep clean your carpet steaming and extracting the water simultaneously.
  6. Carpet protector is optional for keeping away stains and odors and is highly recommended.

This is what carpet steam cleaning really should look like don't believe carpet cleaning services that promise low cost cleaning as cleaning carpets should be done by professionals and follow all the steps we explained in the article.

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Indianapolis carpet cleaning has years of experience in carpet and upholstery cleaning we love our job and take it seriously our clients range from residential to commercial business.

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