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Tile & Grout Cleaning Indianapolis, IN 46204

Is your elegant house is equipped with tile & grout flooring? Are you tired of rubbing the floor to remove the dirt and stains from the tiles? Though you feel some satisfaction after this whole day of rubbing, look closely into the grout lines. The tiny pores in the tile grout lines are filled with dirt and infectious bacteria that are very difficult to get removed by regular mopping.

A professional approach is necessary for this problem to keep your tiles clean. You can take the help of a tile and grout cleaning service in Indianapolis to maintain the tiles and grout lines clean and hygienic. Though ceramic tiles are less likely to get stained, the maintenance is still the same as any other tile, as long as the grout lines are concerned. If the grout lines are left uncleaned, there is a possibility of long term damage to the flooring.

Indianapolis Grout & Tile Cleaning Service

There are many methods for cleaning the tile and grout line depending on the laying of the flooring and the perfection of grout lines. The commercial cleaners available in the market mainly contain bleaches that could damage the finishing of the flooring. These chemicals are not advised to use in presence of children and pets as they leave poisonous residues.

A mixture of vinegar, baking soda, ammonia and water can be used to clean tiles. Regular mopping with this solution keeps your tile clean. It is good to take the help of a professional service once in 6 months to clean the tiles and tile rugs and give your house a new look.

At Carpet Cleaning Indianapolis our professional tile and grout cleaning service uses latest equipments with high motor capacity, high pressured pump and large capacity tanks. And the solution we use is proven safe for children and pets and does not leave any harmful residues. Call us today 317-222-1677 for our tile & grout cleaning service in Indianapolis, IN 46204.

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